Enclosed are copies of original documents defining the legal status of M/KGG Civil and Building Construction Ltd

  • Certificate of incorporation No. 103374 of 25th October, 2013.
  • CRB Registration for Building certificate No.B4/12/2014 of December 2015
  • CRB Registration for Civil certificate No.C4/283/12/2015 of December 2015
  • Tax Payers Identification Certificate (TIN) No.122-452-328 of November 2014
  • Certificate of Registration for VAT No. 40-018328-F of January 2013
  • Membership Certificate Registered 03/02/2015 No. CM/0341/02/15
  • CRB Receipt Received 13/01/2016 Ref. No. CRB-R-2016-379